Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh, I love it!

I am now officially addicted to green blogs and all the great eco-friendly shops and sites on the internet~who knew? I have a tendency to go full steam when I'm into something, and this is no different. However, instead of just reading about all the depressing statistics, I'm reading about all the great, incredible, fantastic and innovative things people are doing and it's making me so happy!

This site has such a creative idea to help save the elephants...recycled "poo" (sterilized) and made into stationary! My sister, Aimee, bought me a set for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. It's thick, heavy, and pretty and it helps elephants which I love.

Then I found this blog which is inspiring. The author is a journalist and lives in Toronto but is making all these green changes regardless of living in a big, commercial place. Often I have been guilty (am still at times) of thinking/saying, "Well, it would be easier to be green/live more sustainably if only I had a few acres in the country/worked less hours/had "green" friends, etc." Posters like this remind me that there is PLENTY I can be doing right here and right now, on my little 3/4 acre lot.

I also found this blog which is dedicated to doing one good thing after another...and then there are my old standbys: Simple Living and Mother Earth News.

So much inspiration~makes a girl's head spin...

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Just tried to leave a little comment but I think maybe it didn't work because I wasn't signed in with Google yet. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the shout-out and commend you on a blog well done. Green on my friend!